3-D lithograph A lithographic print that has been cut, folded, glued and assembled into a three-dimensional object or sculpture.
chine collé A process used for adhering paper of different color or texture onto the overall sheet of the print. Chine collé is often used for the varied texture or color it provides or for the way it absorbs ink. Sometimes a transparent paper is applied over already printed areas.
collage The process of adhering elements to the surface of the print. These can be cut from another print or may be found elements.
edition The total prints of a completed image that are numbered and signed by the artist not including proofs.
embossed A print with a portion that has been raised by distorting the sheet of paper. Usually done by placing dampened paper over a shaped plate, a mold or a form and using pressure.
hand colored A print that has had color applied directly to the print without the use of a printing element or press. The color is usually applied by the artist using various drawing materials or paints and inks.
impression A term for a single print from an edition.
linocut A relief print, much like a woodcut, but using linoleum rather than a woodblock. The linoleum is somewhat easier to cut and prints more uniformly because it lacks the grain of the wood.
litho-engraving A method for achieving a very fine engraved line in lithography. The line is scratched through a thin layer of gum arabic to expose the surface of the plate or stone. The image is then established on the plate by rubbing a grease-based ink into the lines.
lithography A printmaking process in which an image is established on stone or metal plate usually with grease-based materials. The surface of the printing element is prepared so that the image takes ink while the non-image areas repel it.
metal leaf An extremely thin and fragile sheet of metal that can be applied to a print. Several types of metal leaf can be used, including gold, silver, copper, aluminum and various composites. The process of applying the leaf is called gilding and is done using a glue or size to attach the leaf to the print.
monoprint A monotype using a repeatable printing element such as a woodblock, lithography plate or stencil.
monotype A unique print made from a painting on a non-absorbent surface such as plexiglas, that is transferred to the paper by the pressure of the hand or with a press. It is sometimes possible to print a second or "ghost" impression from a monotype plate, especially if a press is being used. The artist may rework areas of the plate between the first and second printings or use more than one plate, but the second impression is never exactly the same as the first. Many types of pigment can be used, including printer's inks, oil paints, oil pastels and watercolors, depending on the desired effect.
photo lithograph A method for transferring a image photographically onto a lithographic plate which has been prepared with a light-sensitive coating.
pochoir A process of applying color to a print through a stencil. The colored inks or paint is usually applied using stiff brushes or daubers.
reduction woodcut A woodcut that has been printed using only one woodblock. After each color has been printed part of the block is cut away and the next color printed. The process continues until the edition has been completed. Reduction block editions are often small because the block has been altered after each printing and it is not possible to reprint earlier colors or states of the block.
relief print A print from the inked surface of a block or plate where the non printing areas have been cut away. Woodcuts and linocuts are relief prints.
suite A group of prints that are related by technique, theme, subject or image. A suite of prints is often presented in a portfolio or with a cover.
watercolor monotype A monotype made using water-based inks or paints that have been painted on a non-absorbent surface such as plexiglas and printed.
woodblock Specifically the piece of wood from which a woodcut or wood engraving was printed. Also used interchangeably with woodcut to mean a print that has been printed from a woodblock.
woodcut A relief print from a woodblock that has been cut or incised.